Friday, 5 February 2016

Benoni plane crash pilot ‘a true hero’

A plane went up in flames on Wednesday in Johannesburg and crashed landed in a park in Wattville in Benoni. The residence tried to help rescue the plane occupants but the pilot and two passengers died.
The light aircraft took off at Brakpan Airfield, but it experienced technical failure while flying over the Ekurhuleni Township on its way to a golf resort in Mookgopong, Limpopo.
According to eye witness “The engine made two blasts as it came down, skidded over the roof of a shack and then hit the ground nose first,” said Mohoto. “It stopped and it was on fire so we and the guys from the nearby car wash took buckets of water and tried put out the fire.” He went further to say that “The hero was the pilot, honestly. He did his best to avoid the houses. You can see that he wanted to land in the street but was disturbed by vehicles that were on the road. We’re lucky there were no (school) kids when he landed in the park.”
The police helped put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.

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