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Sometimes, you just want to get rid of that excessive weight. You really have tried using the gym, staying on meds and hopefully shying away from snacks and foods with high calories but all seem to be indicating a negative. You would be getting a lot more positve result if you strictly stay away from these foods below. Remember how much you'd love to look this yuletide season.

Bottled Smoothie
Bottled smoothies may seem like a good low-calorie choice, but upon closer inspection, there are usually two or three servings in one bottle. Making your own smoothies is the perfect way to ensure that you know exactly what is going into them and how much you should drink to stay on track. 

Banana Chips
Banana chips also may seem like a good idea, because they are primarily bananas. Right? Wrong. They are usually fried, which means they are high in saturated fat. Instead, go for the obvious substitution here: a banana! At 121 calories, a large banana contains no saturated fat, but it does contain vitamins B and C and a healthy dosage of fiber! Or, if you’re really looking for a healthy chip option, try kale chips.

Chocolate Pudding Cups
A chocolate pudding cup doesn’t have terribly high calorie count, but why not just go for the real deal instead? Dark chocolate contains antioxidant-rich cocoa and contains less sugar, less carbs and more fiber than a cup of chocolate pudding. This is an excuse to insert chocolate into your diet — take it!

Cheez Crackers
Cheese crackers like Cheez-Its are high in simple carbs, which spike your blood sugar and create cravings, the exact opposite you’re trying to accomplish by snacking. Stay away from quick fixes like cheese crackers.

Granola and Skim Milk
Even just a half cup of granola with one cup of skim milk has 360 calories! That’s because even though granola is advertised as healthy, most of it is just sugar and fat. If it’s 10 a.m. and you need a second breakfast before lunch, that’s perfectly fine. Substitute the granola cereal for one cup of instant oats for a more nutritional and satisfying meal.


Pope Francis held his first open-air mass in Africa on Thursday with a large turnout in Kenyan capital. 
At least 200,000 people attended the mass at the park in the University of Nairobi, Kenyan media said, in the pope's first major public appearance on a six-day trip which will also take him to Uganda and Central African Republic (CAR).
Throughout the mass, punctuated hoots of joyful singing and dancing, there were prayers in Swahili, the national language, as well as in other local dialects such as Maasai, Borana and Turkana.


Some students often get tired of school because of the continuous criticism and put-down by teachers, this make many students feel low, embarrassed, jaded and lose interest school. This are ways to help you deal with teachers like this.
Listen to what the teacher says.
Smile and agree with the teacher.
Politely ask for what you have done wrong.
If the teacher keeps putting you down, remember the good things about yourself.
Recognise the point in what the teacher complains about.
Some teachers are not sure how to act as a teacher.

Beauty and Health Benefits of Water-melon Seed.

Watermelon seeds are used in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Roasted watermelon seeds are served as a snack or used to garnish salads. Watermelon seed oil is extracted from these seeds which is beneficial for your hair and skin. To say the least, watermelon seeds are edible and can be a healthy option.
Watermelon Seeds Benefits
Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds:
As stated earlier, watermelon seeds are a rich source of nutrients and minerals and therefore, should not be discarded. These seeds have a hard outer covering so they should be chewed before swallowing to get their nutritional content. Some of the health benefits of watermelon seeds are given below.
1. Your body requires amino acids but there are some essential amino acids such as arginine and lysine which the body cannot produce on its own and these have to be provided from food sources. Watermelon seeds contain some of these essential amino acids such as tryptophan and glutamic acids. Lysine helps in calcium absorption to facilitate formation of collagen and connective tissues in the body whereas arginine improves the body’s metabolism, cardiovascular system and sexual health.
2. Watermelon seeds are good sources of magnesium with 100 grams of seeds providing 139 percent of the recommended daily requirement. Magnesium is vital for normal heart functioning, maintenance of normal blood pressure, supporting metabolic process and protein synthesis. It is also beneficial in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension besides controlling blood pressure and diabetes.
3. Watermelon seeds contain lycopene which is good for your face and also helps in improving male fertility.
4. These seeds are excellent sources of multivitamin B and can replace some of the supplements. Vitamin B present in watermelon seeds comprises of niacin, folate, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. B vitamins are vital for maintaining healthy blood, nervous system and effective immune response.
5. These seeds can be used for treating diabetes. Boil a handful of watermelon seeds in 1 liter water for 45 minutes, keeping the pot covered. This concoction should be taken every day like tea.
6. Watermelon seeds are effective in recovering health after illness and sharpening your memory.
7. Almost half of the watermelon seed contains oil which comprises of 20 percent saturated fat and the rest monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat including omega-6 fatty acids. One cup of dried watermelon seeds contains around 50 grams of fat which constitutes about 80 percent of the daily recommended value. Thus, watermelon seeds are an important source of calories and energy.
8. Protein deficiency is quite common, leading to diseases like marasmus and kwashiorkor in poorer countries of the world. Being high in protein, watermelon seeds can be extremely beneficial in combating protein deficiencies. One cup of dried seeds provides about 30 grams of protein. Protein and its amino acids are vital for growth and repair of muscles, skin and connective tissues as well as for making enzymes. Protein is also required for the maintenance of long and strong nails.
Skin Benefits of Watermelon Seeds:
In addition to their health benefits, watermelon seeds are good for your skin as well. Being rich in nourishing nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and linoleum acids, watermelon seeds keep your skin healthy and glowing from inside. Some of their benefits for skin are as follows.
9. The unsaturated fatty acids in watermelon seeds keep the skin moisturized, soft, firm, well-toned and prevent acne and other skin disorders.
10. Watermelon seeds prevent signs of ageing because they contain antioxidants and oils which make your skin look younger, healthier and more vibrant. These benefits can be observed by consuming a handful or two of watermelon seeds a week.
11. Water melon seed oil, also known as Ootanga oil or Kalahari oil is extremely beneficial for your skin. Being light in texture, it does not clog skin pores, thus allowing your skin to function naturally and is a great moisturizer. Due to its excellent moisturizing properties, watermelon seed oil is used as an essential ingredient in baby oils.
12. Watermelon seed oil also removes sebum, dirt and grease that build up in your skin pores and are responsible for causing acne and giving a dull appearance to your skin. This oil is suitable for all skin types including dry, oily, acne prone and maturing skin.
13. Watermelon seed extract locks moisture, thus combating the ageing degradation. It also rejuvenates the elasticity of your skin.
14. The wide array of nutrients contained in watermelon seeds protects your skin from certain types of skin cancers and infections as well.
Hair Benefits of Watermelon Seeds:
As stated earlier, watermelon seeds have a high content of protein in them which can keep your hair healthy and shiny. This protein contains certain essential amino acids such as lysine, arginine, tryptophan and glutamic acid which are needed by your body to keep your hair healthy and strong.
15. Roasted watermelon seeds contain copper which is involved in the production of melanin. As you know, melanin is a pigment that provides color to your hair and skin.
16. In addition to its skin benefits, watermelon seed oil can also be used for your tresses. As pointed out earlier, this oil is light in texture that gets absorbed easily without clogging the pores of your scalp. It provides moisturizing benefits and improves hair growth by maintaining hair and scalp health.
17. Watermelon seed oil provides the hair with essential fatty acids which are needed by your hair to prevent breakage and keep it moisturized.


Kobe Bryant, a player in the Los Angeles Lakers officially announced on Sunday that he would retire from professional basketball after the end of this season, his 20th in the N.B.A.
Bryant, 37 years old, made public his retirement in form of a poem titled “Dear Basketball’’ in the players’ Tribune. Bryant wrote:
You gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream
And I’ll always love you for it.
But I can’t love you obsessively for much longer.
This season is all I have left to give.
My heart can take the pounding
My mind can handle the grind
But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.

Nwakanze Christian Chukwuebuka wins Mr Tourism Nigeria, 2015.

Nwakanze Christian Chukwuebuka, an Anambra born and Lagos representative won the Mr Tourism Nigeria 2015, on 28 November, 2015, in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. He is a graduate of banking and finance in ESUT.
Mr Abuja, Henry Efiom second position (Mr Tourism Planet 2015), Mr Anambra, kingsley Umeh third position (Mr Tourism Universe) and Mr Ebony, Chris Festus (Mr Tourism Culture). The winner went home with a car, cash prize and consolation prizes.

Tyson Fury Wins World Heavyweight Champion.

Tyson Fury became World Heavyweight champion after knocking down Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday night.
The Lancashire puncher ended the reign of boxing's most dominant heavyweight of the 21st century to capture the WBA Super, WBO and IBF titles in the ESPRIT arena in Dusseldorf.
Fury was light on his toes for the duration and although he did not land any particularly brutal shots and had one point deducted, he was awarded a unanimous 115-112, 115-112, 116-111 scoreline after forcing Klitschko to unsuccessfully chase him for the majority of the proceedings.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015



At 12 and 13, the brothers taught themselves how to write codes and in a short while, they built their first mobile web browser, which is hosted on the Google Play Store, and available to download as a free app.
Due to their interest in technology and frustration with google chrome, they decided to create a functional, fast browser for feature and low end phones. 
Born April 28, 2001, Osine’s interest in computers began at age 7. It was also at this age that he, along with his brother, Anesi, who was 9 at the time, came up with the idea of launching their own startup.
Inspired by Microsoft Windows platform, they decided to name their company “Doors”. However, later they discovered that the name was already taken, and so they changed it to Blu Doors, which is still the current name of the company.
The brothers launched their browser on the Mobango app before taking it onto the Google Play Store so they could reach a wider audience. Their browser currently has around 500 downloads.
Interestingly, the teenagers’ huge achievement seems not to be a surprise to their parents. Their mother Mrs. Ngozi Ikhianosime, a Math teacher says they were able to use the computer before they knew how to and have always been fascinated with technology, creating, building and solving problems. She ascribes their success to their school, Greensprings Schools, Anthony Campus, Lagos, where the boys are currently in their 9th and 11th year. According to her, students of the school have access to computer and internet facilities, just as personal laptops are made available to each of them at home.
The future shines bright for these young Nigerian genuises. Anesi hopes to develop another app in the future to real social problems, such as traffic and communication. He also hopes to attend MIT in the United States after his A levels because he feels the educational opportunities, resources and access to technology are just what he needs to positively impact the future even more.
More than creating a technological solution for many, the geniuses have ignited hope in the hearts of other young Africans and given them a reason to believe and pursue their dreams.



Don’t clip your phone or gadgets on your belt.
Avoid wearing square toed shoes.
Get tailored suits and shirts. 
Fat wallets don’t make you look rich; try to use a money-clip
Get a navy blue suit
Pink socks should not be worn at all costs. 
Never wear socks with sandals… 
Put your collar down and don’t open more than two buttons.
The color of shoes and belt must match.
Only wear athletic shoes when occasions allow you to do so.
Wear clothes that fit your body shape. Not too tight or too loose.
Don’t wear pants that don’t let you walk in full stride
White socks and black shoes are a no-no.
Do not mix too many patterns on your clothes

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Why you should eat Cabbage

Cabbage is a source of many vitamins and minerals
It Boost Energy – Cabbage contains vitamin B levels which can boost energy levels.
It Aids Digestion – Cabbage contains fiber which aids in digestion and it also contains proteins and other vitamins and minerals which heal and refreshes the digestive tract.
Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidant properties, which are very good for the overall health.
Good Source of Minerals – Cabbage is a good source of minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium and iron. All of which can boost the immune system.
It is good for your skin - cabbage contains Vitamin C and beta-carotene which are anti-aging compounds. These two antioxidants protect the skin by repairing cells that have been damaged by free radicals (cancer causing substances).
Beta-Carotene – supports the immune system by helping to stimulate the thymus glands which fight off infections and viruses as well as helping to destroy “good cells gone bad” also known as free radicals.
Vitamin C – also known as ascorbic acid, is needed for the production of collagen, which supports the tissues that supports the skin. Collagen is absolutely necessary for the proper formation of bones and healthy blood vessels while also helping to fight away those unwanted colds.
So the next time you get that salad serving or coleslaw serving do not reject this healthy meal.

International Day of Friendship?

Yes it is real!
The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.
The resolution is meant to promote international understanding and respect for diversity among the younger generations in different societies since they are the future leaders of tomorrow.
Friendship Day is also intended to support the goals and objectives of the Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace and the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.
To mark the International Day of Friendship the UN encourages governments, international organizations and civil society groups to hold events, activities and initiatives that contribute to the efforts of the international community towards promoting a dialogue among civilizations, solidarity, mutual understanding and reconciliation.


With the death of Abubakar Audu, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Saturday’s governorship election in Kogi State, a new legal battle may have ensued on the fate of the election.
Mr. Audu was leading his closest challenger and incumbent governor, Idris Wada of the Peoples Democratic Party, by 41,353 votes.
The Independent National Electoral Commission, however, declared the election inconclusive as possible votes from the 91 cancelled polling units (49,953) is higher than the margin between the two leading candidates.
Mr. Audu would have eventually emerge winner after elections are held in the 91 polling units as the PDP candidate would have needed 100 per cent turnout and about all the votes for his party to emerge victor.
However, before he could celebrate his potential victory, the APC candidate died, throwing the country into a unique constitutional crisis.
Perhaps the closest constitutional section that relates to such a scenario is Section 181 which states that  (1) If a person duly elected as Governor dies before taking and subscribing the Oath of Allegiance and oath of office, or is unable for any reason whatsoever to be sworn in, the person elected with him as Deputy governor shall be sworn in as Governor and he shall nominate a new Deputy-Governor who shall be appointed by the Governor with the approval of a simple majority of the House of Assembly of the State; and (2) Where the persons duly elected as Governor and Deputy Governor of a State die or are for any reason unable to assume office before the inauguration of the house of Assembly, the Independent National Electoral Commission shall immediately conduct an election for a Governor and Deputy Governor of the State.
However, as stated by Abdul Mahmud, a constitutional lawyer, the section only refers to when a person is ‘duly elected’.
With INEC declaring on Sunday that the Kogi election was inconclusive, it is not clear if Mr. Audu could be considered ‘duly elected’.
“We are in a strange legal territory! The 1999 Constitution and the Electoral Act do not envisage the unfortunate circumstance that Audu’s death foists. INEC had declared Saturday poll inconclusive, which makes S.181(1) CFRN 1999 irrelevant,” Mr. Mahmud said.
“In my opinion, a fresh poll is not necessary. Section 36(1) of the Electoral Act 2011 empowers INEC to countermand (cancel) the poll for the 91 polling units it had earlier announced and fix a new date for the poll within 14 days. The effect of this section is that the power of countermand can only be exercised on the death of a candidate and after nomination paper has been filed.
“The poll for the 91 polling units is not a fresh poll; it is the same November 21 poll, in my opinion. So, what happens to the APC? Section 33 of the Electoral Act 2011 allows the party to substitute the dead candidate. Under this section, substitution can only be allowed when a candidate dies or withdraws.”
Section 36 (1) of the Electoral Act, to which Mr. Mahmud referred, talks about the death of a candidate before an election.
“If after the time for the delivery of nomination paper and before the commencement of the poll, a nominated candidate dies, the Chief National Electoral Commissioner or the Resident Electoral Commissioner shall, being satisfied of the fact of the death, countermand the poll in which the deceased candidate was to participate and the Commission shall appoint some other convenient date for the election within 14 days.”
However, in the current Kogi case, the poll already commenced and was almost concluded.
Another constitutional lawyer, Jiti Ogunye, called on INEC to continue with the supplementary election in the state and declare a winner.
He insisted that it would be hasty for anybody to call for the cancellation of the election because of the demise of Mr. Audu.
He said, “The way forward is that the election will be concluded and a winner will be declared. One can hastily opine that the election will have to be cancelled because Audu, who was a leading candidate, is dead and that the election be conducted afresh.
“But Audu and Wada are not the only candidates in the election. The parties that were involved are more than the APC and the PDP and by law; no governorship candidate can emerge without a deputy governorship candidate. It is a joint ticket and the party is also involved and that is why in an election petition challenging an election, the candidate and the party can sue.
“For instance, in Ekiti state, Fayemi said he has accepted the result of the election but the APC said no and when to the tribunal. There is a shared destiny between the party, the deputy governorship candidate and the governorship candidate.”
He argued that Mr. Audu passed on when the election had been conducted and not on the eve of the election which could have warranted postponement as indicated in law.
“He didn’t die on the eve of the election to warrant a postponement because the Electoral Act and the constitution allow for the postponement of election if the candidate of a political party dies and provides for the substitution of a candidate,” he argued.
“But in this case, the election has been conducted, certain results have emerged, some results have been cancelled and INEC has declared a supplementary election.
“Because it is not given that if the supplementary election will be conducted, the APC and Audu win because the reason INEC gave for not declaring the result and planning to have a supplementary election is that the number of cancelled votes, put at over 49,000 exceeds the margin of votes between the two leading candidates such that it would affect the outcome of the election.
“So it would be reductionist to assume that if the supplementary election were to be conducted, Audu would win. If Wada were to win, what would happen? Would we still say the election should be cancelled?
“The point is that although the election has not been concluded, if you look at what happened in Adamawa state in 1999 when Atiku Abubakar was elected a governor and thereafter, Obasanjo picked him as a vice presidential candidate thereby making his position vacant which resulted in a legal battle.
“The Supreme Court in that case held that it the deputy governor-elect will step into Atiku’s position and that no new election was required. INEC in that instance was arguing that the governor-elect was not dead but was no longer available and the Supreme Court countered that argument.
“In the present case, since the winner has not been declared and the certificate of return has not been issued, Mr. Ogunye argued that there is no clear difference with what happened in Adamawa state.
“The election can’t be cancelled at this time because Audu is dead. He didn’t die on the eve of the election but when the election was almost concluded. What is called for is a sober acceptance of the law without drama and insistence that there is going to be a constitutional crisis,” he cautioned.
However, Sebastian Hon, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, said he would not comment on the matter since he is a party to a similar case at the Election Appeal Tribunal in Jos.
“I wouldn’t want to comment on the issue and the reason is that I am involved in the Plateau state governorship election petition,” said Mr. Hon.
“I am representing the governor and the PDP candidate (who is challenging the governor’s election also died). It is a similar issue and I wouldn’t want to commit myself anyhow.
“In spite of the death of Pajok, the PDP has appealed and so it is not fair for me to talk on the matter as it were.”
Other commentators have spoken of the possibility of relying on the Supreme Court ruling that made Rotimi Amaechi the Rivers State Governor in 2007 wherein Nigeria’s apex court ruled that it was the PDP that was presented on the ballot and that won the election; and that having declared Mr. Amaechi the true candidate of the PDP, he should be sworn in as governor.
Mr. Amaechi subsequently replaced Celestine Omehia who had occupied the seat having been the one the PDP initially recognised as its candidate in the election.
As at the time of publishing this report, INEC, the APC, and the PDP were yet to offer any opinion on what they believe should be the fate of the Kogi governorship election held on Saturday.

Friday, 20 November 2015

The French Bombing

From the 13th to 14th of November 2015 France experienced one of the deadliest terrorist suicide bombing and shooting attack this year. The terrorist targeted a music venue, sports stadium and an ethnic restaurant. Dozens killed during a siege at an Eagles of Death Metal concert inside the Bataclan. There were there separate suicide bombings within 40 minutes outside the Stade de France stadium where France was playing against Germany for the UEFA Euro 2016 Final occurred outside the stadium. The attacks left over 129 dead and over 352 injured. Seven of terrorists died on Friday night after six set off their explosives and another was shot by the police.
President Fran├žois Hollande named the Paris attacks an “’Act of war’ by ISIS”
France launched airstrikes against Isis targets in Syria on Sunday night, with jets bombing the Islamist terror group's stronghold of Raqqa.
In Response to the ISIS attack France launched airstrikes against Isis in Syria on Sunday night, bombing the Islamist terror group’s strong hold on Raqqa.
Speaking in Antalya at the G-20 summit, Laurent Fabius, French foreign minister, said: "France has always said that because she has been threatened and attacked by Isis, it would be normal that she reacts in the framework of self defense. It would be normal to take action. That's what we did with the strikes on Raqqa, which is their headquarter. We cannot let Isis act without reacting."
According to the French ministry, 12 aircraft had taken part in raids on a command center, munitions depot and training camp in Raqqa. The strikes were launched in co-ordination with U.S. forces.
Ben Rhodes, the U.S. deputy national security adviser, said he was confident that in "coming days and weeks" the US and France would "intensify our strikes against Isis… To make clear there is no safe haven for these terrorists".
An Anti-terrorism raid is currently going on in France as the victims continue to mourn their lost beloved. The family, friends and acquaintances of the suicide bombers and killers are being captured and held in custody where they will be questioned to know their involvement before being punished or released; depending on the results.
This act of terrorism has complicated things for the innocent refugees who are also victims of the Islamic state. As European Countries have begun to tighten its borders preventing the influx of immigrants which is suspected to be harboring the Isis Jihadists.


Boko Haram has topped the list, superseding Isis as the world’s most deadly terrorist organisation, according to an international report.
Boko-Haram, basing its attacks in Nigeria, also known as Islamic State’s West’s Africa province (ISWAP), was responsible for 6,644 deaths in 2014.
In comparison, Isis is believed to have killed 6,073 people in the same period. Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the group, also known as the Islamic State, in March of this year.


Like they say a friend could be very dangerous and as well vey ideal: ''Friend either  make or mar you". It is more than important to be sure if the one who you regard as your friend is loyal, loving has no ulterior motive against you. There might have been some confusion, uncertainty, about your friends and pals. Not to worry, this article from Rubyplus will give you a helping hand in discerning between the good and the bad.
ARE YOUR FRIENDS EGOCENTRIC? Friends that act like everything is all about them, all the conversations are focused on his life. He pontificates, supposing he has the right ideas and opinions about everything. They don not really bother to ask how your day was or what is bothering you. Yoy sjhoul avoid this friend.
DO YOUR FRIENDS RESPECT YOU? Respect in this context suggests regarding you as someone valuable. If they keep you waiting, never visit, do not put any effort to keeping the friendship, then you should avoid them.
DO YOUR FRIENDS USE YOU? Friends that are fond of borrowing without payimg back, taking your clothes and never returning, using your food stuffs, using your car and always tryng to get something off you, then avoid them.
DOES YOUR FRIEND SNUB YOU? If you have a "friend" that constantly ingnores you, snubs you, treats you so lowly when he/she is around other people, you should part ways with him or her.
IS YOUR FRIEND DOMINNERING? Do you feel uncomfortable due to their queen bee attitude, trying to control you, trying to have the final say and make your view seem inferior, you should avoid him or her.
Friends with the streaks mentioned above can be disgusting and annoying. Your life should be fun with the right people around you. Do not waste a lot of time parting ways with  them.


In the comfort of your home, you can get a natural and healthy energy drink. Get the ingredients for your drink, make a smoothie out of it and enjoy. It is not just a smoothie but an energy drink. You would understand better when you see the nutrient information of the ingredients.
1. Banana:

Every trainer will encourage you to eat bananas to boost your energy levels before a workout. Bananas are a good source of carbohydrates, and are at the top of the list for fruits that spike your energy levels.
2. Watermelon:
This fruit is refreshing and contains vitamin C that adds zing to your life. The water content in a watermelon is like an oasis in a desert.
3. Apples:
Apples are a great source of slow-release energy, plus they contain vitamin C and B and potassium to give you the much needed boost.
4. Orange:
An orange is a ‘power house’ for energy and vitamin C. Besides, oranges contain phosphorus, minerals and fibers for healthy functioning of your body.
5. Papaya:
Papaya is a very diverse fruit that supplements different aspects of health. This fruitful fruit improves immunity, builds energy and has anti-inflammatory benefits.
6. Mango:
Mango is the king of fruits and is filled with vitamin B and C, calcium, potassium, zinc, folate and proteins.
7. Avacado:
Avocados receive a lot of flack for being high on fat content. However, these are a great source of good fats. Avacado is a fruit you can count on for boosting your energy.
Have fun making your energy drink!


The ancient egg face mask is a very useful and well respected element in natural skin care. Egg whites cleanse, exfoliate and tighten; where egg yolks moisturize, feed, and soothe your skin. This combination made the egg almost an indispensable ingredient in homemade face masks until today
I’ve been relying on a lot of home remedies to make sure my skin gets enough nourishment post-partum, and the latest mask my mom showed me was an egg mask! I love it because it made my skin feel so tight and fresh after. Especially since apparently egg whites have proteins that can tighten up and firm your face. So in addition to the mask my mom did for me, today I’m sharing with you guys 7 other beauty remedies involving a simple egg!
Before applying any facial mask clean your face and neck with fresh water. Take off all cosmetics, creams, lotions, in short: everything. Use a non abrasive, non aggressive soap if necessary. When finished, pat your skin dry
Even better is to take a hot shower or a steam bath to clean and open up your pores. For some useful steam bath suggestions & tips check our steam bath page
When you have applied the egg face mask of choice make sure you take your time to lie down, place a towel under your head and neck. Put 2 cucumber slices on your eyes; or use 2 used and cooled down chamomile teabags (our personal favorite!) or 2 cotton pads soaked in rose or lavender water
1. Egg White & Honey Face Mask / Peel
Ingredients: 1 egg white, 1 tsp honey
Instructions: Mix ingredients and later onto your face. Leave on your face until it completely dries, then wash with warm water & washcloth
2. Hydrating Banana Avocado & Egg Hair Mask
Ingredients: 1/2 ripe avocado (mashed), 1/2 ripe banana (mashed), 1 beaten egg, 2 tsp olive oil
Instructions: Mix the avocado and banana together first, then mix in the egg & olive oil. Apply to dry hair 4. Egg Protein Conditioner
Ingredients: 1 egg white, 1 tsp conditioner, 1 tsp olive oil

Instructions: Mix ingredients together and apply to hair after shampoo. Leave on for a few seconds before rinsing thoroughly and wait for 15-30 minutes. Rinse with cool water!
5. Egg & Carrot Eye Mask

Ingredients: 1 egg white, 1 table spoon of finely shredded carrot (NOT baby carrots), 1 tsp aloe vera

Instructions: Beat ingredients until frothy (it’ll take about 1 minute), then apply mask around and under the eyes. You can apply using hands or a brush! But let the mask dry from 15-30 minutes. If the mask gets too dry then rinse with warm water and finish with a moisturizer.
6. Lemon & Egg Acne Scar Mask

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 lemon’s juice

Instructions: Mix ingredients together and apply onto your face. Let it dry then rinse completely with warm water. Repeat once a week to get rid of acne and breakout scar!
7. Preventive Hair Fall Mask

Ingredients: 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoon of fresh green tea
 Instructions: Mix 2 tablespoon of freshly boiled green tea to an egg yolk. Mix together until frothy and then apply to hair for 30 minutes. Rinse with your regular shampoo and conditioner.
Egg For Toning The Skin– Whip an egg till it becomes frothy. Apply it all over your face as well as neck. Wait till it is dry and rinse in lukewarm water. This practice would help to tone and tighten your skin.
Egg-White For Firming Pores– Take an egg and the egg-white has to be separated from the yolk. Beat the egg white to produce a thick foam and now, apply it on cleaned face. Wait for about twenty minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. This mask helps to firm skin pores and also treat acnes.
Egg To Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness– If the skin under your eyes seem puffy and your eyes look tired, apply a thin coating of egg white on the area under your eyes and leave on for about ten minutes. Wash off with plain water. Eggs are known to fix puffy eyes effectively.
Egg Face Pack Ideas
Egg White-Oatmeal Pack (for oily skin) – Mix egg white and oatmeal together and apply this concoction on face and neck. This is one of the easiest skin care recipes with which you can pamper your skin if your skin type is oily.
Egg Yolk-Olive Oil Face Pack (for dry skin) – Combine egg yolk with lemon juice and olive oil. The mixture should be applied of face and neck. This pack is very good to relieve dry skin.
Egg-Honey-Rosewater Face Pack (to get smooth complexion) – Mix an egg with a spoon of honey and a few drops of olive oil and rosewater. Use the mixture as a face mask for about twenty minutes to get smooth complexion and flawless skin as it helps to do away with blemishes.
Egg-Yoghurt Face Pack (to get glowing complexion) – Mix egg yolk with yoghurt and a few drops of honey. Apply on your face and wait till the pack is dry. Rinse with trepid water. This pack is effective to give you a radiant skin, naturally.
Egg-Honey Face Pack (to remove tan and tone skin) – Mix egg white and honey together and apply it on your face. Wait for ten minutes and rinse with water. The pack helps to improve your complexion by doing away with tan.
Eggs are healthy, ideal, curative and cosmetic. You should include it in your daily meal.


The New Zealanda, one of the best rugby players, Jonah Lomu died suddenly overnight at the age of 40. He had arrived back in Auckland from overseas on Tuesday.
Despite his energetic skills on the field, the former All Blacks winger has apparently been suffering health problems since calling time on his playing career in 2002 due to a rare kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome. He underwent a kidney transplant in 2004 and had been on dialysis treatment for the past 10 years.
The actual cause of his sudden death is still yet unknown.
His family’s doctor has said to the reporters that the family needs privacy at this times as they are completely distressed.

The Nigerian Mathematics Professor Who Fooled the Media

On Tuesday, November 17th, BBC news, Quartz and most news sites were all over the new of the Nigerian man who had solve the Reimann Zeta Hypothesis, a 160 years old unsolved mathematics problem. Opeyemi Enoch a professor of mathematics had claimed to solve the problem created by the German mathematician Bernhard Riemann in 1859.
The Clay Mathematics Institute, an American organization, designated the Riemann Zeta Hypothesis as one of seven Millennium problems. Any individual who can solve a Millennium problem will be rewarded with $1 million by the Clay Mathematics Institute.
Unfortunately it seems they may have all been had by the professor.
In an audio interview with BBC, Mr. Enoch claimed that he was approached by his students to solve the hypothesis. During the interview he claimed that the prospect of a $1 million reward did not motivate him, rather he wanted to show his students his work in 'solving' the problem.
According to Quartz, Mr. Enoch’s profile has the 'proof' of the 'solution' to the Riemann Hypothesis. However, subsequent investigations have proved that that his answers are plagiarized.


At least 32 people are dead and about 80 people are hurt after an explosion in the Nigerian city of Yola, according to various reports.
The blast took place at a fruit and vegetable market near a main road, Al Jazeera reports.
No one claimed responsibility, but the news agency reports that the blame will likely be placed on Boko Haram, the group that has killed thousands as it attempts to promote Islamic law in Nigeria.
Tuesday night's blast breaks a three-week hiatus in bombings after a string of suicide attacks culminated in twin explosions in mosques in two northeastern cities that killed 42 people and wounded more than 100 on Oct. 23.
One of the mosques attacked was in Yola, capital of Adamawa state, where the blast took place Tuesday night.
The dead and the injured were evacuated to hospitals, Sa'ad Bello, coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency, told the Associated Press.
Most victims were vendors and passers-by, said Deputy Superintendent Othman Abubakar, the police spokesman for Adamawa state.
Nigeria's military has reported foiling several suicide bombers recently and killing and capturing insurgents as it destroys Boko Haram camps in air raids and ground attacks.
Some 20,000 people have been killed in the 6-year-old Islamic uprising that has spread to neighboring countries.


2015 NNPC/MPN Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

2015 NNPC/MPN Undergraduate Scholarship Awards
As part of support to educational development and human capacity building, Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN), operator of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/MPN Joint Venture awards annual scholarships to qualified undergraduate students in Nigerian Universities. Applications for the 2015 NNPC/MPN Undergraduate National Scholarship is now open.


Awards will be made to qualified and suitable students who are currently admitted in Nigerian Universities irrespective of state of origin including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).  
E-applications are invited from full-time undergraduates in their FIRST YEAR (100 LEVEL) or SECOND YEAR (200 LEVEL) of study in any of the under-listed courses in Nigerian Universities:

1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Chemical Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
5. Civil Engineering
6. Geology/Geophysics
7. Medicine (MBBS Only)
8. Agricultural Science (And related fields)
9. Computer Science  


a.     Candidates must be holders of the SSCE or its Equivalent with at least six subjects passed at a sitting
b.    Applicants must be registered full-time undergraduates in their 1st or 2nd year of study in any Nigerian University
c.     Students who are currently on similar scholarship awards from other oil and gas companies should not apply
d.    Dependants of employees of Mobil Producing Nigeria, Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc and Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited are not eligible for this scholarship.  

Please note that we will accept applications through this web site address only. Hard copies of any document submitted will not be processed. All interested students are advised to click on “How to Apply” tab to proceed.

Application closes midnight 1st December, 2015.

In line with our e-scholarship administration system, selected students will be invited for computer-administered qualifying tests in selected examination centers nationwide. Short-listed candidates for the qualifying test will be invited by email and SMS text messages. All applicants are therefore advised to ensure that GSM telephone numbers and personal email addresses are properly entered into the e-forms on the web site.


Good manners means treating people with a good behavior, respect others and take respect from others. Good behavior influences all the qualities of a person. Anybody can estimate the person’s manners and culture with his behavior.
With good behavior, one get a great many things. So, Speak smoothly, and politely without hurting anybody. These are the qualities of good behavior. Do not speak rashly do not behave roughly, these qualities are against tenets of good behavior. Automatically you will get respect and recognition, if your behavior is good.
Manner is the way that somebody behaves and speaks towards other people and the way something is done. Good manner is the behavior that is considered to be polite in a society. A person is said to be good if he or she is honest and sincere. Good habits, love, respect and obedience are the essential qualities of a good person. A good person is liked by all.
To develop one's personality and to make the world civilized, good manners are essential. Some major elements of this in a person’s life are: obedience, co-operation, selflessness, respect for elders and love for younger and sense of service.

Monday, 16 November 2015


Rubyplus Africa: 18% OF SOUTH AFRICA'S POPULATION AFFECTED BY DROUG...: For some weeks now, South Africa has been experiencing the worst drought in the last sixty years. According to the Ministry of Water and S...

A Young Enugu Student Builds an Airplane

A young but talented boy from Enugu state has constructed a mini airplane with locally sourced materials. This is still a work in progress as the engines are yet to be built. This is another big step for Nigeria in the technology world, we await his complete work.


The AFRIMMA awards went down fine yesterday, 15 November, 2015. Here is a list of all the artist who bagged awards.
Best Male West Africa – Davido
Best Female West Africa – Yemi Alade
Best Newcomer – Kiss Daniel – Ommy Dimpoz
Best Male East Africa – Diamond Platnumz
Best Video Director – Godfather
Best Male Central Africa – Yuri da Cunha
Best Female East Africa – Vanessa Mdee
Best African DJ USA – Dj Simple Simon
AFRIMMA Video of The Year – ‘Nana’ by Diamond Platnumz ft Flavour
Best Male Southern Africa – Aka
Crossing Boundaries With Music Award – Jidenna
Song of The Year – Ojuelegba – Wizkid
Best Dancehall Artist – Stonebwoy
Best Dance In A Video – Serge Beynaud – Okeninkpin
Best Collaboration – Aka ft Burnaboy, DaL.E.S and JR – All Eyes On Me
Artist of The Year – Diamond Platnumz
AFRIMMA Inspirational Song – Bracket ft Diamond Platnumz – Alive *
Transformational Leadership Award – Botswana President, Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama
Legendary Award – Youssou Ndour
Best Traditional Act – Flavour
Music Producer of The Year – Legendury Beatz
Best Female Central Africa – Mani Bella
Best dancehall Artist – Stonebwoy
Best Dance In A Video – Serge Beynaud Okeninkpin.
AFRIMMA Humanitarian Artist – 2face Idibia
Best African Group – Sauti Sol
Best Dance Group – D3 dancers
Best African Dj – Jimmy Jatt
Best Gospel Artist – Icha Chavons
Best Rap Act – Sarkodie


What you’ll need
•Thick fabric such as felt or leather
•Bostik/ cloth glue
•A4 Paper
•Cello-tape (optional)
Fold the paper in half and trace a half collar/moon shape, making sure the bottom middle reaches the folded side as seen in the picture. Cut out the shape whilst still folded to get a symmetrical collar
TIP: This takes a few attempts before getting it perfect
Trace the shape out onto the back of the fabric with a marker
TIP: if you’re using black material and can’t see the tracing, use chalk or Tippex to trace. Secure with cello-tape every few centimetres if you find the paper moving about.
Cut the shape out and embellish as desired with glue.
Attach ribbon by making 1cm slits, 1cm away from the top. Thread ribbon through and knot to secure.
TIP: Leave a 3cm space at the top of the collar to attach ribbon.
Step 4
Glue the beads to the necklace as desired

How to Choose a Tie

As a boy grows into a man, the tie becomes a very important accessory for his outfit. He would begin to wear a tie to more events. From going to school, to churches, formal events the work. The tie can make or break your style, this is why choosing the wrong tie is important.
  • Understand the tie’s anatomy:

This will help you know a quality tie. The lining of the tie must be smooth, without any loose tread, make sure the tie haste feel of the material you want to get. if you are going for silk know how silk feels like; a mimic silk is brittle to the touch. A Quality tie made from three pieces of fabric, while a cheaper one will be made from only two. It should have a slip stitch and a bar tack to keep the ends of thr slip stitch from separating.
  • Pick the right size

Your tie should hits the top of your belt buckle and measures between 2¼ and 4 inches (5.5cm - 10cm) wide. For a classic look, choose a width that similar to that of your jacket’s lapel. Your tie should not be too loose or too tight. It should fit well around your neck
  • Texture matters

Match wool ties with tweed or heavyweight jackets, and silk ties with business suits. For a deeper color quality on silk ties, make sure they’re woven, rather than screened.
  • Match Colours

Wear a tie that has the colors of your suit and shirt as well as at least one other color to provide an accent. For a more formal occasion, wear a solid colored tie that’s darker than your shirt. A black tie goes with everything.
  • Your complexion matters

If you are dark complexion then choose a bright tie and a dr\ark tie if your are light in complexion. f your hair and skin tone contrast, wear a tie that contrasts with your skin tone.
  • Match patterns.

If you must wear a tie with patterns pic one that complements your outfit. If your shirt’s pattern is pronounced, choose a subtle tie. The smaller the dot on your tie, the more formal the tie is; the bigger the clownier.
Remember to stay classy.

Monday, 9 November 2015


Beef 8 medium pieces
Smoked fish 1 medium size
Ishapa 1 small mudu
Fresh tomatoes 6 medium size
Tatashe 8 medium size
Onion 1 small ball
Egusi (ground) 2½ cups
Iru 1 small wrap
Maggi Cube 3 Kaun (ground) ½ teaspoon
Water 1 litre
Salt to taste
Wash, and season the beef with salt, one Maggi Cube and few slices of onion, then steam for about 15 minutes on low heat. Add two cups of water and continue boiling for another 20 minutes till the meat is cooked.
Wash the tomatoes and onion, cut, then deseed the tatashe cut into pieces then blend all together to a smooth paste.
Dried or fresh Ishapa can be used to prepare this soup. When using fresh Ishapa, wash it thoroughly then place in a clean pot add a litre of water and teaspoon of kaun then boil for about 15 minutes strain off the water. Before using dried Ishapa soak in hot water for about 15-20 minutes. Heat the palm oil for about 2 minutes allow cooling.
Add the ground tomatoes mixture and fry for about 10 minutes, stirring at intervals. Add the meat, washed dried fish 1½ litres of water and iru Stir and allow boiling for about 8 minutes, making a thick paste from the ground egusi, and adding to the pot without stirring, cover the pot. Allow cooking for about 6 minutes.
Stir in Maggi Cubes and taste the soup. Add salt if necessary, stir and reduce the heat. Add the boiled Ishapa, stir, and then simmer for about 5 minutes.
Remove from heat then serve.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Sam Sarpong, former host of MTV's Yo Momma, has died after jumping off a bridge in Pasadena, Calif, according to a witness.
Ed Winter, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, said Sarpong was found shortly after 3 pm on Monday below the Colorado Street Bridge, known as a "suicide bridge." He also mentioned that a witness confirmed that he jumped off a bridge.
The Ghanian born actor is survived by his sister, British TV presenter June Sarpong. He died at the age of 40.


According to a statement released by the communist party in China, China has decided to put an end to the one-child-per-couple policy and now allows a couple to bear two children.
The controversial policy was introduced nationally in 1979, to slow the population growth rate. The policy is estimated to have prevented about 400 million births.
The abolishment of the policy was brought about by the increasing complaints of the majority of China’s population to be aged. Couples who violated the one-child policy faced variety of punishments, from fines to the loss of employment to forced abortions.


When he was 8 years old Harold Ekeh, moved from Nigeria to America from Nigeria with his parents. He currently resides in Long Island. He attended from Newyork high school and at 18 he graduated with a GPA of 100.5 percent and a 2270 SAT score out of a possible 2400. Little wonder the plethora of universities he applied to at the conclusion of his high school years, accepted him, including the eight ivy leagues.
In school he was the editor of his student paper and the CEO of the Model UN and Learned American History by signing up for AP as a junior.
The Nigerian-born teen was also one of the semifinalists for the national Intel Science Talent Search this year for his research on how the acid DHA can slow Alzheimer’s.
Ekeh credits his parents for his success. According to him, the Essay he wrote in his application to the colleges was based on former target clerk Paul and Roseline Ekeh; his parents’ struggle and resilience to raise them and fit in after they emigrated to America and how they stayed positive through everything they went through. Despite their trying to make light of their struggle, he knew that they had moved to America with his four younger brothers in order to give them a brighter future and decided to work hard to help make their dreams come true.
Despite being accepted by the 8 Ivy League colleges in America, Harold chose to study in Yale because he loves the passion of the students at Yale and he had become friends with some of the students there during the Model UN competition. He is studying to become to be a neurosurgeon to find Alzheimer's cure for his grandmother.

Magufuli wins Tanzania’s Presidential Elections

After the recently concluded presidential elections in Tanzania, John Pombe Magufuli emerged as the new President. The elections were held on Sunday 24th of October. And the results were announced on the 29th. Magufuli won 58 percent of votes, that is, a total of 8.9 million
The 56-year old former chemistry teacher cements the long-running Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party's firm grip on power, ruling Tanzania since 1977 when two independence-era parties merged.
He succeeds President Jakaya Kikwete, who stepped down from power having served his constitutional two-term limit.


On Sunday 1/11/2015 Stanley Biwott ran with a blistering pace, in full speed and vigor leading to the win of his first major marathon, in 2 hours 10 minutes 34 seconds. A conservative pace hastened toward a decisive conclusion with three hammering miles of 4:24 for Mile 21, 4:30 for Mile 22 and 4:33 for Mile 23.
Finishing 14 seconds behind Biwott was his countryman Geoffrey Kamworor, the world cross-country champion, who took second in 2:10:48. Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia, the second-place finisher of last year in New York, finished third in 2:12:10. This was Desisa’s fourth marathon of the year.


A Russian passenger plane has been reported to have crashed into the mountainous area of Egypt's Sinai peninsula, killing all 224 passengers and crew on board, resulting in several major airlines to review the flight route.
Some airlines including Germany's Lufthansa, Air France and Emirates have released statements, saying that they would stop flights over Sinai until the actual cause of the crash has been affirmed.
The Airbus A321 was operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia and was carrying 200 adult passengers, 17 children and seven crew en route from the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg when it lost contact 23 minutes into its flight.The passengers on board included 214 Russians and three Ukrainians, the Egyptian government said in a statement.
"Unfortunately, all passengers of Kogalymavia flight 9268 Sharm el-Sheikh [to] Saint Petersburg have died. We issue condolences to family and friends," said a message on the facebook page of the Russian embassy.

UNICEF has Spent N12bn on Nigeria’s malnourished children

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund today on the 3rd of November 2015, it had spent N12bn to treat 1.1 million severely malnourished Nigerian children between 2009 and 2015.
The UNICEF Nutrition Specialist from Bauchi Field Office, Mr Rashid Abdulai, made the disclosure at a Zonal Advocacy Meeting on management of severe acute malnutrition in Dutse. He explained that the money was spent only on procurement of drugs and other nutrients for malnourished children and excluded the technical assistance rendered by the fund.
According to him, UNICEF Bauchi Zonal Office was currently working in 13 local governments of Adamawa State where 42,000 malnourished children are.
He said that in three local governments in Gombe, 27,000 children were affected by malnutrition as well as 44,000 children in three local government of Bauchi State.
The nutrition specialist said that 34, 000 children were malnourished in 12 local government of Jigawa.
Abdulai also disclosed that 1.7 million Nigerian children were severely malnourished out of 17.3 million affected in the world.
He noted that lack of awareness was the greatest challenge in the treatment of malnutrition.
He added that problems with service delivery as well as distance of centres where such treatments were taking place were far from the reach of people.
Abdulai urged government at all levels to key into providing remedy and treatment to malnourished children as the cost of the programme was high for only the UNCEF to cover the whole country.

A Spinach and Citrus Juice

1 Whole Spinach Bunch (About 6 cups)
2 yellow delicious apples
1-2 lemons, unpeeled
2 oranges
1 chunk of ginger
6-8 stems fresh mint

Mix in a blender and serve.


For some weeks now, South Africa has been experiencing the worst drought in the last sixty years. According to the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, 2.7 million South African homes have been affected by the drought that recently befell the country.
Residents of a South African coastal town say their drinking water "tastes like the sea" as a worsening drought affects fresh water sources, according to a local newspaper.
According to the Associated Press, South Africa, Citizens of Port Shepstone in KwaZulu-Natal province lined up with buckets for fresh water distributed by officials as one of the driest periods in 50 years increased the salt content of rivers.
The ministry of water and sanitation declared the KwaZulu-Natal and Free State provinces as disaster areas and warned that rural communities in two more provinces face water shortages. South Africa's capital, Pretoria, also implemented water restrictions.

LeBron James Makes NBA History.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James is the first player in NBA Finals history to lead both teams in points, assists and rebounds for the entire series, according to ESPN on the 3rd of Nov 2015.
James averaged 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists across six Finals games. The Cavaliers fell to the Golden State Warriors, who won their first title since 1975.
The 30-year-old James scored 40 or more points three times in the series, including 44 points in Game 1, a career-high for James in the Finals. He recorded a triple double in Games 2 and 5 and just missed one in Game 6 with 32 points, 19 rebounds and nine assists.


Garlic is not just a food ingredients. It is an A+ medicine. Garlic is necessary, it is curative.
Below are health benefits of Garlic:
Garlic strengthens the immune system as well as helps to fight chest infections, coughs and congestion.

Garlic contains high levels of iodine which makes it a very effective treatment for hyperthyroid conditions. Treatment with garlic has been shown to greatly improve this condition.
Garlic contains an ample amount of vitamin C.

Cardiovascular disease can be reduced by ingesting garlic. LDL cholesterol is no friend of garlic and the aortic plaque deposits that gather on the walls of your body’s veins can be reduced with the use of garlic too. Studies have shown the amazing benefits of taking garlic in relation to heart disease.

Fungal and bacterial vaginal infections are toast when treated with garlic! When crushed or bruised, garlic releases Allicin which is a sulphuric compound that is a natural antibiotic. WWI soldiers even apparently used crushed garlic on infected wounds suffered in battle. If you decide to take garlic in tablet form be sure to use powdered capsules. The processes used to create garlic tablets destroy the Allicin that is present.

Garlic is a great source of vitamin B6 which is needed for a healthy immune system and the efficient growth of new cells. Vitamin B6 can also assist with mood swings and improve your cheery disposition!

Garlic can aid in the prevention of multiple types of cancer. Bladder cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and stomach cancer have all been shown to have their tumors reduced when treated with garlic. Vitamin B6 is said to have cancer fighting abilities.

Garlic regulates blood sugar as it enhances the level of insulin in the blood. This may assist in the control of diabetes. Seek medical advice if you believe the use of garlic could help your condition.

Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta Resigns

In October 2015, Ponta lost the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leadership to Liviu Dragnea because of a tax fraud scandal and became the country’s first sitting premier to stand trial for corruption. Like his Nemesis has not had enough, last Friday, October 30 as fire broke out at a nightclub in the capital killing up to 32 people. About 20,000 people took to the streets, demanding for the resignation of all cabinet members. Accusing them of corruption and poor safety precautios tor the death tolls, saying there was only a single door exit to evacuate the club.
Today Dragnea, announced the imminent resignation.
“Victor Ponta is giving up his mandate. Someone needs to assume responsibility for what has happened. This is a serious matter and we promise a quick resolution of the situation,” he told reporters in parliament. “You probably noticed thousands of people last evening and what they demanded.”
Of the 130 people still hospitalized, dozens are said to be in a serious or critical condition.

At least 41 dead in South Sudan plane crash

A Russian-built cargo plane with passengers on board crashed today 4th of November after taking off from the airport in South Sudan's capital, it is believed that the crash has killed at least 41 people who were either on board or on the ground. A crew member and a child on board are believed to have survived.
Shortly after taking off from Juba airport on Wednesday, the plane came down on the banks of the White Nile river, leaving a tail fin and lumps of fuselage strewn in vegetation close to the water.
Al Jazeera's Hiba Morgan, reporting from Juba, said bad weather was hampering the rescue effort.
"It is raining hard here in Juba, making it difficult to look for more victims. The cargo plane was carrying passengers and it is believed that many of them were not wearing seat belts."
In addition, he said an unknown number of people were killed on the ground as the Antonov plane crashed near where some fishermen were working. "We don't know the number of people that were killed on the ground," he added.
Radmir Gainanov, spokesman for Russia's diplomatic mission in Uganda, which also oversees South Sudan, said the embassy was in touch with local authorities, including the defense ministry.
"We are clarifying details," he told AFP news agency from Uganda.