Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hair Care for the Black Girl

One of the major challenges a typical black girl has is her hair not growing fast enough, or not growing at all. We spend a lot on hair products what claim to work yet we see no improvement. Chances are these products are a rip off. But the bigger reason is because we are simply not taking care of our hair well enough.
African weather is hot so contrary to popular belief that the black hair is coarse, black hair is actually week and thin, it is not built to face severe weather and it is curly an breaks quiet easily. Keeping this in mind it will be wise to avoid products that have a negative effect on the weaknesses of the black hair. A stubborn hair is not necessarily a coarse hair, it’s just a hair that curls a lot and is hard to detangle. That is the African hair.
Cut down on how often you shampoo your hair. If you must wash your hair, use a conditioner. Shampoo makes you hair dry. Try to limit shampooing your hair to once in two month, and when you do wash it make sure you replenish your hair with a good conditioner.
Avoid shampoos and crème with sulfate. Sulfate dries up your hair.
Avoid hair cream sulfate and petroleum. Petroleum will make your hair stiff and dry even if your hair is greasy. Try drinking a cover of oil when you are thirsty and see how it feels. This is how your hair feels when she is greased instead of moisturized. Better still, apply all natural oils to your hair like Castor oil, or olive oil.
Avoid heating your hair, the sun already does enough damage on its out. Heat cuts black hair. So limit your use of curling and straightening irons
Avoid tugging or pulling your hair, it ain’t that strong.
Use a silk or satin pillow case when you sleep or wrap your hair in a silk or satin material. This material does not thug or pull your hair even when your toss and turn in your sleep.
Protein is good for building and repairing tissues in your body, It is also good for your hair, it will make it stronger and less prone to breakage and damage. If you don’t have protein treatment, once a month, break raw egg and distribute it a lover your hair. if you have the treatment also use it once a month because too much protein can damage both the body and the hair.
Comb your hair carefully. Start from the tip until you reach the scalp. Be patient when you comb your hair. Plait your hair so you do not need to comb it everyday
If you want to grow your hair try blending onions, spreading it on your hair, leave for 40 minutes then wash it off. Do this once in a week.
Black hair is beautify when taken proper care of.

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