Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Must Haves Items For Every Girl’s Woredrobe

One of the major challenge every girl faces is the “What do I wear!!!” Dilemma and as you already know, we at Rubyplus Africa care. So we’ve put together a short list of must haves, which will ensure that you always have something to wear. Here we go...
A White Tee – Because white goes with everything
A Black Tee – You got the white, you might as well get the black
A striped Tee – It will go great with your plain pants and skirts
A little Black dress – With your accessories you can always give this dress a new look
A Simple Maxi Gown – This is time saving
A Pant suit – Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a top and a pant
A plain Skater – It goes with almost every type of blouse
A Church skirt – Yup, Look like the good girl that you are on Sundays
A Skinny Jeans – Perfect for outings with your friends
A Comfy Jeans – For when you just don’t feel like confining your legs
A Button down long sleeve shirt – For when you need to look corporate
Leggings/Jeggings: You will need this if your tops are short
A Fitted blazer: For when you need to look serious and hot at the same time
Neutral cardigan: To look cool in the cold
Pajamas: To sleep like a baby
Sweat Suit: To sweat in. Duh? You need something cute to exercise in.
A Red Flat shoe – Believe it or not, red shoes go with everything
A Black or Brown Ankle Boots – It goes great with everything, even your maxi dress (If you can pull it off)
Sandals – Sometimes you just don’t want to wear a shoe
Statement necklace – They can make a simple attire look exquisite
A nice watch – A girl should always know the time (In style)
Pearl bead – Pearl make everything look exotic
A Flip Flop – Cuz you need to walk aroung
Shades: Cuz you’re the man
Expensive shoe: For when you need to arrive in style

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