Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Revamping Your Wardrobe

It’s a New Year, and one of the biggest problems of the New Year is keeping up with your New Year resolution(s). For now, there is no advice on that but we will have a way to keep up with your New Year resolution. For now let’s focus on your wardrobe.
You may have gone through your wardrobe recently and felt like you need new cloth or you need to throw out some. What if we told you that you can keep them (well most of them) and make them look different?
All you need is a cloth glue, cloth decoration and glitter, mini sewing machine (optional), buttons and another accessory of your choice.
Now go through your cloths, sort them, old, torn, faded, too short/tight…. And so on.
For the old and faded you can cover it in glitter, or glue/sew some embroideries on them.
For the too tight, you can release its fitting and sew it back together.
For the too short, you can add an extra length of material to it.
And you can check out Pinterest for more cool ideas.

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