Wednesday, 2 December 2015

12 Reasons to Start Eating Pineapple Today

Apart from being and extremely delicious fruit, pineapples are very healthy and after reading these you might want to get some.
1. It is rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and manganese!
2. It contains manganese which helps to strengthen your bones and tissues
3. It contains bromelain which improves digestion by regulating the pancreatic secretions that aid digestion!
4. It contains enough vitamin C to lowers your risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease!
5. It is anti-inflammatory, and helps alleviate the pain of arthritis, along with similar conditions, like gout and carpal tunnel syndrome.
6. It contains potassium which can help maintain normal blood pressure
7. Its Vitamin C can also boost your immune system, prevents and fights coughs and colds. And its bromelain content can loosen mucus and suppress coughs.
8. It is a good source of beta carotene which is awesome for your eyes
9. It’s great for weight watchers because it is a good source of fiber and low in calories.
10. Studies show that the bromelain enzyme in pineapples can reduce swelling, bruising, healing time, and pain associated with injury and surgical intervention, as well as inflammation in the body.
11. Its vitamin C content helps to support collagen production, which help in maintaining healthy, supple skin. Try this homemade papaya and pineapple face mask!
12. Its bromelain enzyme is great at tenderizing meats and proteins, and helps to support your digestion, but also to tenderize your meat before cooking!

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