Monday, 21 December 2015

How to Wear High Heels Like A Pro

Wearing heel can make a girl’s shape look more flattery, it can make you look taller, it can add class to your dress. Well, that’s if you can walk properly in heels.
RubyPlus has put together a few Tips to help you wear your heels better even if you are a beginner.
TIP 1:
When walking, place your heel on the floor first, then roll down to your toes. Do this with every step you take. This way your steps will look natural.
Tip 2:
Take shorter strides when walking, do not rush. This means it will take you longer to get to where you are going. Don’t creep walk, just walk normally; at a normal pace and with shorter strides.
Tip 3:
Don’t walk fast on heels. This will make you look super awkward. Don’t walk too slow either. Just walk like you are in control of the moment. This will give you an air or confidence.
Tip 4:
Lean back a bit when you walk to prevent you from leaning forward. Mostly when you get tired of walking.
Tip 5:
Walk straight, look at your destination when you walk. Not at your legs. By doing this you get to see everywhere at once.
Tip 6:
Arch your foot to put pressure on the inside of you shoes if you feel yourself slipping out of your shoes
Tip 7
Get the right size of shoe. Not too tight, and Not too Loose.

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