Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Walking like a woman means walking with confidence and poise. You use the strength and center of gravity to lead with the hips and thighs, often balancing on high heels. If you want to channel your feminine side, start by learning correct standing posture, and then correct your gait. Soon you will be walking like a lady without a second thought.

Stand up straight with your hips at inner shoulder width apart. This is usually about six inches apart from instep to instep. Don’t let your toes point out or in, but rather straight forward. 
Don’t lock your knees. Loosen them up slightly, like you are getting ready to walk. 
Tuck your pelvis slightly. Pull your lower abdominal muscles inward. This will also shrink your waist and make it easier to stand up straight. 
Position your chin so that it is parallel to the ground. Keep your arms at your sides. 
Try to move your shoulder blades an inch closer together on your back. Drop your shoulders away from your ears. 
Pretend you are trying to touch the ceiling with the flat top of your head. You should grow in length by about an inch as you stretch out your spine and activate the muscles in your core. 
Return to this position any time you stand. To help keep a balanced figure, try balancing a book on your head while you hold proper posture.

Do a few hip stretches to allow your hips to move while you walk
Try wearing high heels. 
Envision a line in front of you. Lift your thigh slightly on your dominant leg and set the foot down in front of you from heel to toe. Your step should be approximately the length of your foot. 
Repeat your step to start walking. Allow your hips to sway slightly in the direction of the leading foot. Women have a lower center of gravity and the hips naturally sway, especially when you are wearing heels. 
Keep your shoulders upright and back. Don’t lead with your head, chin, shoulders or chest. Your legs should lead the walk, taking advantage of strong legs and hips and a lower center of gravity. 
Repeat the process until you get in a rhythm. Remember that walking like a lady involves swaying the hips slightly, but not the shoulders. Don’t try to take steps that are too large, or it will look unnatural. 
Practice walking with a book on your head to improve your poise and posture. It can help your walk become second nature.

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