Monday, 14 December 2015


As we know all mouse can be used for clicking, selecting, and performing some operations on the computer, we should also be aware we can still perform all sorts of operations without making use of the mouse.
There can be cases where the mouse could be faulty or unavailable, and we need to still perform some operations in the computer, the good news is that keyboard shortcuts can perform virtually everything you want to do with the mouse.
Another good thing about using keyboard shortcuts is that it is much faster performing operation compared to using the mouse, and using keyboard shortcuts makes you more like a computer geek.

There are several keyboard shortcuts but we are focusing on the 15 most important ones. Find below the keyboard shortcuts and uses (Windows Users Only):

NB: Make sure you try them as you are reading.

Ctrl + F =======> Find (To find a text/file in the computer, browser, e.t.c)
Ctrl + S =======> Save (To save document, web page, e.t.c)
Ctrl + D =======> Delete (To delete any file, document, text e.t.c)
Ctrl + P =======> Print (To print a document or anything on the pc)
Ctrl + A =======> Select All (To highlight all contents, files, text, e.t.c)
Ctrl + N =======> New Window (To open a new window, file, e.t.c)
Alt + F4 (Or Ctrl + W Or Ctrl + Q) =======> Quit (To close a windows program, e.t.c and can also be used in shutting down)
Alt + tab =======> Switch Windows (To switch between windows)
Alt + tab + tab + … + tab =======> Continuous Switching (To continue changing windows)
Windows key + M =======> Minimize (To minimize current windows program)
Shift + Windows key + M =======> Maximize (To maximize the currently minimized windows)
Windows key + E =======> Open Windows explorer (To open My computer windows)
Windows key + R =======> Open Windows program (To open a windows program e.g cmd, notepad, e.t.c)
Windows key + D =======> Display desktop (To open windows desktop)
Windows key + L =======> Lock Windows (To lock windows)

Note: Ctrl means Control, Alt means Alternate and Windows Key is the button on your keyboard the has the windows logo

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