Monday, 21 December 2015

Caffeine, Sugar, Fats, Food Additives and What They Do to Your Body

As we grow we notice that our body is constantly changing, sometimes the changes are subtle and other times the changes are massive – like a thin boy suddenly becoming obese or a total darkening of complexion. Though most of these changes are hormonal, they can be influenced by the things you consume.
Caffeine – is a stimulant which act like a drug when consumed. And like most drugs, you the more you use it, the more you feel you need it. Caffeine is usually found in coffee, cola drinks, black tea, and green tea and, in some, chocolate and cakes. While Caffeine may help you stay awake and look bright, its side effect is the mineral loss the body will suffer. Caffeine may cause heartburn, nervousness, sleeplessness, muscle cramp and irritability in some people. If you stop using caffeine after a while of continuous use, you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, depression or anxiety.
Sugar – is a carb and it boosts energy. After eating sugar, you may get an energy surge, which only lasts for a short time and when it ends you become tired almost instantly. Sugar is considered to be an empty calorie which causes obesity. Some experts also think that sugar is addictive.
Fats – are needed to keep you healthy, yet the hydrogenated oils found in fried, processed and prepackaged foods can increase your chance of heart disease and cancer. Too much animal fat, or saturated fat, doesn't contribute to a healthy lifestyle. But "good fats" like olive oil, fish, and flaxseed oil are great for your health.
Food preservatives – like artificial coloring and flavors are terrible for your body. Red dyes, nitrates and nitrites, and MSG, can harm you. You should eat more of fresh fruits, vegetables and non-processed protein rather than stuff your body with preservatives.

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