Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Makeup Tips For Teen Girls

Before you read further, take a second, look in a mirror, or take a selfie. Now revel in your beauty. Never make your beauty dependent on makeup or other artificial beauty product. Now here are make the makeup tips to kip you looking glamorous without looking like a painter’s canvas
Stay light
Makeup is meant to enhance your beauty not mask it. Place emphasis on your lips or your eyes, never on both. Using neutral colors allow you to shine.
Quality matters
It doesn’t matter how many make up you own what matters is how many good make up you have. A good make up will cause not discoloration or a skin reaction. And will last long. And always check to make sure the colour you chose for your lips or face or eyes matches your skin tone.
Stay clean
Why use make up when you are dirty. When your make up starts to peel or fade, wipe it off.
Chap stick
Always use a chap stick. It keeps your lips silky and soft, protects it from the sun
You do not need a foundation at this innocent age
Groom your eye brow
You can get it done at a salon, although you should avoid doing this is you have weak or little brow. In this case, keep it groomed with Vaseline and an eye brush.
Care for Your Skin
Moisturize and gently exfoliate in the morning and night after bathing. This way you will always look good without makeup. Use clean pillow cases to prevent a pimple and blackhead outbreak.


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