Friday, 20 November 2015


Like they say a friend could be very dangerous and as well vey ideal: ''Friend either  make or mar you". It is more than important to be sure if the one who you regard as your friend is loyal, loving has no ulterior motive against you. There might have been some confusion, uncertainty, about your friends and pals. Not to worry, this article from Rubyplus will give you a helping hand in discerning between the good and the bad.
ARE YOUR FRIENDS EGOCENTRIC? Friends that act like everything is all about them, all the conversations are focused on his life. He pontificates, supposing he has the right ideas and opinions about everything. They don not really bother to ask how your day was or what is bothering you. Yoy sjhoul avoid this friend.
DO YOUR FRIENDS RESPECT YOU? Respect in this context suggests regarding you as someone valuable. If they keep you waiting, never visit, do not put any effort to keeping the friendship, then you should avoid them.
DO YOUR FRIENDS USE YOU? Friends that are fond of borrowing without payimg back, taking your clothes and never returning, using your food stuffs, using your car and always tryng to get something off you, then avoid them.
DOES YOUR FRIEND SNUB YOU? If you have a "friend" that constantly ingnores you, snubs you, treats you so lowly when he/she is around other people, you should part ways with him or her.
IS YOUR FRIEND DOMINNERING? Do you feel uncomfortable due to their queen bee attitude, trying to control you, trying to have the final say and make your view seem inferior, you should avoid him or her.
Friends with the streaks mentioned above can be disgusting and annoying. Your life should be fun with the right people around you. Do not waste a lot of time parting ways with  them.

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