Friday, 20 November 2015

The Nigerian Mathematics Professor Who Fooled the Media

On Tuesday, November 17th, BBC news, Quartz and most news sites were all over the new of the Nigerian man who had solve the Reimann Zeta Hypothesis, a 160 years old unsolved mathematics problem. Opeyemi Enoch a professor of mathematics had claimed to solve the problem created by the German mathematician Bernhard Riemann in 1859.
The Clay Mathematics Institute, an American organization, designated the Riemann Zeta Hypothesis as one of seven Millennium problems. Any individual who can solve a Millennium problem will be rewarded with $1 million by the Clay Mathematics Institute.
Unfortunately it seems they may have all been had by the professor.
In an audio interview with BBC, Mr. Enoch claimed that he was approached by his students to solve the hypothesis. During the interview he claimed that the prospect of a $1 million reward did not motivate him, rather he wanted to show his students his work in 'solving' the problem.
According to Quartz, Mr. Enoch’s profile has the 'proof' of the 'solution' to the Riemann Hypothesis. However, subsequent investigations have proved that that his answers are plagiarized.

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