Thursday, 5 November 2015


When he was 8 years old Harold Ekeh, moved from Nigeria to America from Nigeria with his parents. He currently resides in Long Island. He attended from Newyork high school and at 18 he graduated with a GPA of 100.5 percent and a 2270 SAT score out of a possible 2400. Little wonder the plethora of universities he applied to at the conclusion of his high school years, accepted him, including the eight ivy leagues.
In school he was the editor of his student paper and the CEO of the Model UN and Learned American History by signing up for AP as a junior.
The Nigerian-born teen was also one of the semifinalists for the national Intel Science Talent Search this year for his research on how the acid DHA can slow Alzheimer’s.
Ekeh credits his parents for his success. According to him, the Essay he wrote in his application to the colleges was based on former target clerk Paul and Roseline Ekeh; his parents’ struggle and resilience to raise them and fit in after they emigrated to America and how they stayed positive through everything they went through. Despite their trying to make light of their struggle, he knew that they had moved to America with his four younger brothers in order to give them a brighter future and decided to work hard to help make their dreams come true.
Despite being accepted by the 8 Ivy League colleges in America, Harold chose to study in Yale because he loves the passion of the students at Yale and he had become friends with some of the students there during the Model UN competition. He is studying to become to be a neurosurgeon to find Alzheimer's cure for his grandmother.

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