Monday, 16 November 2015

How to Choose a Tie

As a boy grows into a man, the tie becomes a very important accessory for his outfit. He would begin to wear a tie to more events. From going to school, to churches, formal events the work. The tie can make or break your style, this is why choosing the wrong tie is important.
  • Understand the tie’s anatomy:

This will help you know a quality tie. The lining of the tie must be smooth, without any loose tread, make sure the tie haste feel of the material you want to get. if you are going for silk know how silk feels like; a mimic silk is brittle to the touch. A Quality tie made from three pieces of fabric, while a cheaper one will be made from only two. It should have a slip stitch and a bar tack to keep the ends of thr slip stitch from separating.
  • Pick the right size

Your tie should hits the top of your belt buckle and measures between 2¼ and 4 inches (5.5cm - 10cm) wide. For a classic look, choose a width that similar to that of your jacket’s lapel. Your tie should not be too loose or too tight. It should fit well around your neck
  • Texture matters

Match wool ties with tweed or heavyweight jackets, and silk ties with business suits. For a deeper color quality on silk ties, make sure they’re woven, rather than screened.
  • Match Colours

Wear a tie that has the colors of your suit and shirt as well as at least one other color to provide an accent. For a more formal occasion, wear a solid colored tie that’s darker than your shirt. A black tie goes with everything.
  • Your complexion matters

If you are dark complexion then choose a bright tie and a dr\ark tie if your are light in complexion. f your hair and skin tone contrast, wear a tie that contrasts with your skin tone.
  • Match patterns.

If you must wear a tie with patterns pic one that complements your outfit. If your shirt’s pattern is pronounced, choose a subtle tie. The smaller the dot on your tie, the more formal the tie is; the bigger the clownier.
Remember to stay classy.

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