Friday, 20 November 2015


Good manners means treating people with a good behavior, respect others and take respect from others. Good behavior influences all the qualities of a person. Anybody can estimate the person’s manners and culture with his behavior.
With good behavior, one get a great many things. So, Speak smoothly, and politely without hurting anybody. These are the qualities of good behavior. Do not speak rashly do not behave roughly, these qualities are against tenets of good behavior. Automatically you will get respect and recognition, if your behavior is good.
Manner is the way that somebody behaves and speaks towards other people and the way something is done. Good manner is the behavior that is considered to be polite in a society. A person is said to be good if he or she is honest and sincere. Good habits, love, respect and obedience are the essential qualities of a good person. A good person is liked by all.
To develop one's personality and to make the world civilized, good manners are essential. Some major elements of this in a person’s life are: obedience, co-operation, selflessness, respect for elders and love for younger and sense of service.

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